On opening up the spreadsheet you need to 'Enable Content' to allow the underlying VBA code to run


The 'Create Initial Rev' button will appear only for the first revision.  Whatever data is in the 'WORKING' spreadsheet will become the first revision.  It is important to note that the first column must be the key column and can not have any duplicates.  Also, there can not be any gaps in the data.  The underlying code will only run until it finds an empty cell in column A and the last column where data is found.


Once your data is ready for the first revision go back to the 'MAIN' page and click on 'Create Initial Rev' entering in the rev character you want in the adjacent textbox


A new spreadsheet will be created with the name of the rev you selected.  A new column will be inserted in column A with the initial rev in each cell.



Now you can continue adding, deleting and updating data in the 'WORKING" spreadsheet and when you are ready to see the changes from the initial or previous rev you can simply create a rev.


Another new spreadsheet named after the rev you selected will be created and Adds text will be highlighted Green, Deletes text will be highlighted Red and Updates will be highlighted Black with Yellow Text.